Under Her Care

What a roller-coaster of WTF…

“When the mayor’s wife is brutally murdered, Mason Hill, a young boy with autism, is found standing next to her body. His mother, Genevieve, claims he didn’t do it, but the rest of the town believes otherwise. Troubled by the details of the case, the lead detective calls in local autism expert Casey Walker to consult. As Casey digs into the Hill family’s life, she discovers that Genevieve, a former Miss USA and seemingly upstanding citizen, has only one desire: to preserve her reputation in the community. One thing becomes clear—no one knows the real Genevieve Hill.”

This book took so many turns that it made me think the author didn’t kmow where she was going with it… Genevieve is a sociopath of epic proportion and has hidden it from her small town… Except for her daughter Savanah and those who are to late to realize who she really is…

Casey was brought in to help guide the police dept. with Mason since he is autistic and she is an expert in the field…

While the book had really good moments and you realize who the players are quickly; it lacks information… Why was the Mayor’s wife killed? Who is she? What did she learn that made her so dangerous?

None of these questions are answered for the reader… I wanted to know more about Savanah and why she is how she is and did what she did?

Even the police dept. wasn’t effective in this book… Casey acted more like a cop then the actual detective on the case…

I give this story 3 💎💎💎 for missing crucial elements and making the characters one dimentional…


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