Opportunity Knocks (Laissez Faire Book 1) By L.D. Blakeley

Reviewed by: Karla

Rating: 💎💎💎

I love to read M/M books more than the average person because the communication seems to be better in this genre.

I enjoyed Gill’s character because he fit his description, loving, hard-working, and a little naive. Tommy is your cute city boy with a flair for the dramatic and amazing art talent.

When they meet their attraction is instant and while Tommy is ready to jump him in the middle of the faire he knows that Gill is from a small town that may frown on that.

Gill knows he’s gay but is only out to his BFF Kat and fear rejection from his dad; I love Gill for so many reasons. There is no malice in this book, no unforgivable drama or even extreme conflict with the main characters. This is a genuine love story that just needs to have logistics “figured out”.


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