The Protector (Wild Mountain Shifters Book 2) By Sara Anderson

Reviewed by: Karla

Rating: 💎💎💎💎

ole is so HOT… enough said review over and I drop the mic…
This is the story of Cole and Blair a couple who was in love and have plans of the future. When Cole deals with an extreme loss by pushing Blair away and breaking their engagement. Blair was devastated and left town with a broken heart, Cole knew the second Blair left he made a mistake. Five years later events have brought them together and now Cole needs fight for Blair’s forgiveness as well as the unknown forces bent on hurting them.

Wow do I love this man… Cole is hot and knows what he wants and that is Blair… He will stop at nothing from getting her back even if she has to tied to his bed.

Blair loves Cole but is scared to give him another chance, just in case he breaks her heart again. I really like that Blair made him work for it but didn’t seem whiny or had the whole damsel in distress going on. She’s a fighter and knows that sometimes you have to save yourself or die trying. Cole has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and he is not sure how to balance the work and mating. This is a great couple and I can’t really give you more without giving away that the story.


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