Faerie Fate (Forever Faerie Book 1) By Margaret Madigan

Reviewed by: Karla

Rating: 💎💎💎💎

This was a very interesting book…

I really enjoyed this story it was a fun and original with a storyline that mixed mythology in very fun ways.

Holly is a human that when visiting and meeting her sick maternal grandmother finds herself tossed in a new world. A world not far from her own but this one is full of mystery and unknown villains.

Shadow is fae warrior who is loyal to his queen and is making up for past mistakes… when he and Holly meet a connection is instantly made.

I totally want to marry Shadow… I really enjoyed him in this book. I liked everything about him and them some… For me Holly was ok and I felt her character needed to develop quicker within the story. As the book progressed I was able to see the direction the author wants to take and I have to say I am on board. Author Margaret Madigan should be extremely proud of this book and the world she has built.

For me there are some unresolved questions that hope will be answered in the next book.


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