Vexed By Wren Michaels

Reviewed by: Karla

Rating: 💎💎💎💎

Ok… Can we start with how much I LOVED A.J. the ghost in this book….

This is the story of Kena an ex-cop with a troublemaker for an EX and A.J. her gay ghost bff who is also a Zumba dancer and fashion extraordinaire.

Kena is living life but not really living her life plagued with past mistake and dealing with her roommate who happens to be a boots thief. When she meets Luc she is covered in trash but can’t help an notice the new building manager who is also really sexy. Kena doesn’t know it but a thousand years of memories are about resurface and she needs to use everything in her kick ass arsenal to make sure she doesn’t loose Luc again.

Let me say that when I read the synopsis for this book I was a little confused as to how a gay zumba instructor who is a ghost would work in this story. I was definitely surprised how well it worked and how much I laughed while reading this book. Kena was a kick ass chick and I really enjoyed her brand of sassy and Luc well he is just dreamy and I once again have a new book boyfriend. Thank you for that Wren Michaels I always love new boyfriends and let’s be honest the smell of fresh baked cookies will forever be in my heart.

I won’t go into too many details because I hate to give out spoilers, but this book brings you action, laughter, romance and lots of HOT sex…


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