Dr. Zach’s Hot Fireman By Tamsin Baker

Reviewed by: Karla

Rating: 💎💎💎

I really enjoyed this book… It gave us a great perspective into relationships and how difficult it can be to navigate them.

Zach is an ER surgeon who has accomplished everything he has ever wanted. Dylan is a firefighter who loves what he does just as much as Zach or maybe more. During their courtship they will have navigate not only their work schedules but their commitment issues.

I loved that the author made sure that this was an authentic relationship, there was no added drama with kidnappings or stalkers. This was a simple love story that struggled with everyday life and the pitfalls of dating when you are successful. Dylan was insecure of his place and did seem to questions everything about their relationship out of fear. While this books did have some narrative issues and details that weren’t explored it doesn’t leave you feeling cheated. It does leave you with questions and hoping to read more about these characters and the others we met along the way.

Zach did not seem as invested in learning to balance his work and life commitments; he just assumed everything would fall into place. Just like with everything in life if you don’t find the balance needed something will suffer.


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