Molten Gold By Elizabeth Lapthorne

Reviewed by: Jenny

Rating: 💎💎💎💎

This book is part of Elizabeth Lapthorne’s Urban Seductions series. A thrill that kept me on the edge from start to end despite having some parts that I just didn’t get and to be honest is because I didn’t read the previous books in the series leading me to recommend all previous books to be read.

This is the story of Adelaide Baker’s search for the truth about her uncle and what went down with Hussain; however, she quickly finds herself in need of help and turns to Lieutenant Jared Teague’s and together they will forgo a thrilling journey where they end up falling in love and fighting the unexpected with the expected in ways that you will find exciting and entertaining, but also HOT and SEXY all at once.

Adelaide and Jared steam the pages of this thriller giving you a run for your imagination. Jared helps Adelaide in her journey for a story ultimately bringing you a good read that you would not put down. Curiosity will be the driver with SEX and HOT Scenes as passengers.

I was expecting a great erotic thriller and that’s exactly what I got from the beginning. The author delivered very well and some. The characters were well developed, despite the issue of not reading this book in order and showing some loopholes for that perhaps were part of a previous story I feel that it was strong enough to stand alone.


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