Puppet By Hamilton Swift

Reviewed by: Karla

Rating: 💎💎💎

Ok… I am not sure if I liked this book or not… I’ve read books that have had aspects of D/s in them but this one really had its moments of utter annoyance. If I ever have to hear the word “Puppet” again it will be too soon.

Justin is a man that has been burned before and has been exploring his fantasies with Carin a shy school teacher. Carin is an introverted woman who has been awoken by Justin’s experience and his unconditional love for her. This book made me mad, upset, happy, and annoyed all at the same time.

My major issue with the book is Justin’s inability to properly communicate with Cairn. She blindly followed him and was able to open up and explore with him. It bugged me that when he got what he wanted from her, he then whined about her and made her feel guilty for doing things to make him happy. Carin couldn’t speak up fast enough for me and was way too passive in certain situations.


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