A Rancher for Rosie By Molly Ann Wishlade

Reviewed by: Jenny

Rating: 💎💎💎💎

I really enjoyed this book it gave me everything I wanted from it and a little more than I expected. I am not a huge fan of historical romances because I usually feel the woman has to fight to be heard every step of the way. With that being said I really liked Rosie as a character and I would love to meet her if she was a real person. I will say since this is the second book in series, I do recommend that you read them in order to make sure you understand certain conversations within the book.

Rosie is enamored with Joshua since they met but she is not sure if he is friendly based on his friendship with her brother, or if he likes her. Joshua likes Rosie and is not sure how to approach her knowing that his parents don’t approve of her. Rosie is seven years older than Joshua and his family believes she is too old for him, especially if he wants a family of his own. The second issue for them is her brother’s marriage to Catherine Montgomery, who’s had a tainted history according to society rules.


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