Storm: A Kelly Family Book 2 By Lashell Collins

Reviewed by: Jenny

Rating: 💎💎💎💎

Storm is your quintessential bad boy and he owns it, he is always looking for a good time when he is free. God this man sounds so good and any girls would love to have a piece or more from him. He makes you want to be Nina and his willing slave. Nina is a feisty tattoo artist who is in trouble when she suddenly finds herself in Storm’s web. He takes over and make her feel protected even when she doesn’t think she needs it.

Storm is not sure how but Nina has made it hard for him to walk away and now he doesn’t know if he want’s to. While dealing with the a guy who won’t take no for an answer Storm and Nina explore their attraction. Storm teaches Nina that there is more to sex and Nina teaches him that there’s more to life than what he’s experienced.

You can’t help to fall in love with the two Kelly brothers so make sure you pick up your copy today

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