United [The Angel Pack 6] By Maggie Walsh

Reviewed by: Karla

Rating: 💎💎💎💎💎

As everyone knows I am a huge fan of Maggie Walsh’s book series “The Angel Pack and “Beyond the Angel Pack”. I was super excited to have won her giveaway; a copy of any of her books. Of course I jumped at the chance to read the newest book in the series. As usual I was not disappointed.

Wow is all I can say… I am so blown away by the direction this story has taken and how the characters continue to evolve without losing the qualities that made me fall in love with them. This book revolves around the mating of Lexi and Bailey but we do get updates on everyone and the epic battle we didn’t see coming.

Lexi is soldier and so much more than he can imagine, when he meets Bailey it’s like everything that was missing from his life came together. Bailey is shy and has had a rough life that has made it hard for him to be open with those around him. Lexi wants his mate and to live an uncomplicated life, Bailey is loveable in this book and makes you want to hug him. While also dealing with misunderstandings in their relationship; they also have to face stalkers and Malachi’s never ending drama.


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