Love Under Three Valentinos By Cara Covington

Reviewed by: Karla

Rating: 💎💎💎💎💎

I read this book because I have been a huge fan of the Lusty Series and of course of the talented Cara Covington for a long time. This being the 25th book in the series I couldn’t help myself and I have to say I binged read all of them again. I love reading about the Benedict, Kendall, and Jessop families, and would love to live in their world.

Kat is a badass chick; she is not afraid of much and has a tough exterior. Those Valentino boys do have a way of making her forget herself especially when they kiss her.Paul is her rock and she knows he will make everything right, Lucas is her teddy bear who understands her emotional side, and Wesley makes her laugh making sure she realizes life should not be so serious. Kat refuses to let go of her independence but after being attacked she finds herself needing the Valentinos more and more.


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